Spacex age UK black/white ad 1970

This is essentially the same advert as the one in colour, but in black and white to enjoy reduced advertising rates and with different toys featured at the bottom. Where a mismatch occured between packshots and text on the advert's first appearance (see detail below). This was subsequently rectified for other appearances, before another version was published with yet another selection of toys (as in advert above).

mismatched packshots and captions

Captions read from right to left: Nuclear Freighter, Prospector, Rocket Ship Hawk, with the leftmost being illegible possibly due to having been scratched to place a larger image in the colour version of this advert.

Striker magazine cover

Advert above from
Striker magazine
< 22 August 1970
Detail from issue of
8 August 1970 >

Striker magazine cover

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