Cricket copy in blue by unknown manufacturer

This somewhat battered copy of the Spacex Patrol Cricket passed by under the radar on eBay, only being found by chance by Paul Woods when it was long sold. Thankfully the auction's picture of this toy was still retrievable and of good quality, which the seller kindly made available to me. And then another one turned up, this time in green and with a plated panel on the nose, which is identical in shape to the blue one above.

Cricket copy in green by unknown manufacturer

Although very close in general, the comparison below shows the two most distinctive differences: the somewhat crudely-moulded panel on the nose with only five ribs, and the smaller cockpit dome sitting in a much thicker ring. My example is missing its launcher, so no idea whether this was in any way different or not.

Cricket copy in green compared to Spacex Cricket


Spacex markings

Spacex markings

Markings on Cricket copy in green

Green copy markings

This copy is only marked "Made in Hong Kong", the lettering being all but straight and barely fitting on the panel.

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